Windows restoration in Cambridgeshire
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Bespoke renovation, double glazing, draught proofing and painting of wooden windows
We cover Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Beds, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.
20 years
15 years
10 years
Guarantee on repairs
Guarantee on glass
Guarantee on paintwork
Bespoke overhaul
of sash windows
in Upgrade
Draught proofing for historic windows
Ultra thin double-glazing for period windows
Spray painting
of exterior woodwork and windows
How we work
We use only the best materials and therefore guarantee quality
Painting warranty
Paint spraying
Timber renovation
At SashCare we use unique timber renovation technology, which allows us to guarantee our work for 20 years.
By spray painting exterior woodwork with specialist paints, we apply an equivalent of 7-9 coats of paint if applied by brush, giving your woodwork utmost protection.
Paintwork is guaranteed to last 10 years without the
need for re-painting.
This actually means you won't have to re-decorate your paintwork for a decade, unless you get bored of the colour, of course.
With an average re-decoration cycle of 3 years, with us you will get a very healthy saving, not to mention peace of mind.
SashCare renovation brings wooden windows back to their former glory by
Lovingly restoring timber and protecting it from future rot.
Surface preparation
Old layers of paint are sanded down to bare wood.
Woodwork renovation
Woodwork is repaired with Accoya and Tricoya resilient timbers and flexible resins.
7-9 layers of paint
Windows are spray painted with an equivalent of
7-9 coats of paint applied by brush.
You will get as a result
Paintwork will be mirror-smooth, have straight lines, retain all original features and will last for decades.
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Accredited contractor
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Public Liability
Insurance cover - £5m
Approved contractor
We set standards in woodwork repairs and painting
10 years on paintwork
15 years on glass
20 years on repairs
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We set standards in woodwork repairs and painting