Double glazing
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Specialist double glazing, draught proofing and complete frame renovation for period wooden windows
Here, at SashCare, we love period windows and understand how difficult maintaining them in top condition can be.
Moreover, their energy-saving performance is a constant concern for homeowners.
We are a one-stop service for wooden windows
Are you considering double glazing and draught proofing your windows to keep the house warm and reduce energy bills? Are your windows showing signs of aging and need a little TLC?
Instead of calling glazers, joiners and decorators, give us a call and get a free professional advice and a comprehensive quote for double glazing, draught proofing, repairing and painting your windows. Choose one or as many services as you need.
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Most period wooden frames are not suitable for double glazing. They either have too narrow rebates or are not strong enough to carry the weight of double glazing units.
In such circumstances homeowners are advised to replace their windows.
We use a Unique frame
strengthening technology
That allows to install top of the range double glazing and keep existing window frames, costing a fraction of the new windows.
Wooden frames are strengthened from within with metal bars without changing the appearance of windows from inside or outside.
Where draught proofing is needed, suitable brushes will be installed, making sashes ready for the glass installation.
Once the frames are ready to carry the extra weight, rebates are widened and prepared for the safe installation of glass.
Instead of brittle linseed putty we use top of the range strong and flexible resins, which allow natural timber movement, yet stay firmly in place without cracking.
We strengthen the frame
Draught proofing
Glass installation preparation
Use durable and flexible resins
We use state of the art double glazing. It is as slim as single glazing with energy saving properties of triple glazing. The glass is guaranteed for 15 years.
Ultra slim double glazing
Renovation of wooden windows
When replacing single glazing with double glazing it is important to remember that glazers will simply replace the glass. The paintwork will be left compromised. It makes perfect sense to have all the woodwork renovated and painted once double glazing is installed
By spray painting exterior woodwork with specialist paints, we apply an equivalent of 7-9 coats of paint if applied by brush, giving your woodwork utmost protection. This actually means you won't have to re-decorate your paintwork for a decade, unless you get bored of the colour, of course.
Spray painting of windows
We use a state of the art technology, allowing us to repair even the worst rotten timber and protect it for 20 years.
With an average re-decoration cycle of 3 years, with us you will get a very healthy saving, not to mention peace of mind.
With us being official Pilkington Spacia glass installers, our customers get an extended
15-year guarantee compared to a 10-year guarantee offered elsewhere.

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